Digital inking in education

Read how digital inking leads to better learning outcomes. Get two whitepapers available for download.

Studies show that writing by hand is critical to the learning process for many students. As more and more schools are providing their students with computers, using a device that supports digital inking can lead to better learning outcomes. Download the following whitepapers to learn more about the impact that a device with digital inking capabilities has on both teachers and students.

Digital ink in the classroom

IDC conducted a research study of kindergarten through 12th grade teachers who are using computers in the classroom. This whitepaper seeks to understand their classroom technology usage—specifically how they are using digital Inking devices—and what impact those types of devices have on the way they teach.

Computer interfaces and their impact on learning

Dr. Sharon Oviatt is internationally known for her work in human-centered interface design. She is a lifelong educator and a prolific scientist, with over 130 scientific publications including her book, The Design of Future Educational Interfaces .

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